About Mitch

Dr. Haney grew up in the small college town of Berea, Ohio. It is a suburb of Cleveland. However, due to the local college, as well as the cultural resources of Cleveland, Dr. Haney grew to love the arts (visual, theatrical, and musical). As the son of a business owner, the power of labor in Northeast Ohio, and the economic crises of the late 1970’s, he also witnessed and reflected upon the state of the economy and the power of business to impact peoples’ lives even at a young age.

Dr. Haney graduated from Berea High School in 1985 and, immediately, went off to Mount Union College (now University of Mount Union). He started as a Fine Arts Major, but explored lots of other types of courses, from Poetry to Abnormal Psychology to Geology. However, in his sophomore year, at the recommendation of a friend, he took Introduction to Philosophy. He simply fell in love with the exploration and critical reflection upon ideas. In his pre-college days, he had, as the result of good teachers, already learned that ideas were the entry way to so much about the human condition and that ideas had power.

Dr. Haney transferred to Cleveland State University in order to have more faculty and a range of courses at his disposal, and he graduated from CSU with a BA in Philosophy in 1989. In his senior year, relatively late, he decided he wanted to explore Philosophy further and to see whether or not the life of an academic suited him. This took Dr. Haney to Washington, D.C. and The American University.

Dr. Haney entered the Masters Degree Program in Philosophy at American U, and he immersed himself in his studies. While there he made life-long friends, and read and read and read. Working full-time in AU’s┬álibrary made the cost of that education affordable and it gave him the opportunity to have anything he wanted to explore at his finger-tips. Dr. Haney completed his MA (writing a thesis on philosophical worries about subjectivity in the work of Jacques Derrida) in 1991. At this point, Dr. Haney knew he wanted to go further with his education.

Dr. Haney, due to his wide ranging philosophical interests and background, decided to attend Memphis State University (now The University of Memphis) which had started a new Ph.D. program with a decidedly pluralistic approach to Philosophy. These were glorious years. The faculty were superb, the city amazing, and fellow students were both smart and down to earth. While there, Dr. Haney took up an interest in Ethical Theory and Metaethics under the guidance of Mark Timmons and Terry Horgan. He completed a dissertation on the Theory/Anti-Theory debate in ethics, and he was conferred his degree in 1996.

As Dr. Haney was completing his degree, he was offered a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the University of South Florida, St. Petersburg. He held that fellowship for two years, and he began his interest in business ethics and the nature of organizations while working with his colleague Peter French. He stayed on as a full-time faculty member for one more year. In 1999, Dr. Haney was offered a tenure track position at Missouri Western State College (now University) in St. Joseph, Missouri.

Dr. Haney earned tenure at Missouri Western in 2004. The following year he came to University of North Florida. Dr. Haney is now Associate Professor of Philosophy and Chair of the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at UNF. In addition to teaching a variety of courses in Ethics and Applied Ethics, his research focuses on Organizational Ethics, Ethics and Social Media, and the Value of Work and Leisure to the Quality of Life.


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